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Ohio State High School and Olympic
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Matside Classics 
Since 1988
9 pm to 11 pm
  TV SCHEDULES can be seen via left index of this page
Also sense 2016 there is a MATSIDE TV channel on YouTube.
 Watch YOUR Sport.

Attend live events at your wrestling level or above. That would mean for Columbus viewers of Matside With Bob Dieli you would visit The Ohio State University wrestling events as your first choice. Those viewers from Summit County might visit Kent State wrestling events. Do it with a group of friends or a team and the impact can be enlightened further. Of course the High School State Championships always provide the environment to help create desire. The National High School Coaches Association Senior Nationals is the birth of the heroes of the future. These are the highlighted events but only one example of the various wrestling events available.
Champions Burning Desire
It has been written that the most important qualification for becoming a champion in any sport is an intense, burning desire.
How many times have we heard ' bad do you want it?'. Or, ' really have to want it.' What is the personal and/or the coaches program to add the 'desire' element to the learning experience of wrestling.
Learn Your Sport By Watching
One theory is to watch your sport at every opportunity. Learn all you can about your sport. Know all the champions of your sport. Be able to visualize these champions and their moves and their situations you witness by watching your sport.
Watch Your Favorite Wrestlers
And of course, going to higher level wrestling events will create favorite role models to call upon visually when you need that moment's feeling.
Be Part Of The Fans
Some environments can only be found in St. John's like the pep band, loud crowd, big time arena, highly ranked teams in the nation. Buckeye squads are always exciting and each year unique to their own. Also, your attendance can help add to the credibility of the sport which is especially true for middle school and kids programs. It is FUN. Get the van and buses full headed to Ohio State University St. John arena home of the Buckeye Wrestling team. (How many kids have seen the campus?)
Watch Wrestling on TV Presented By Matside
If you live in Central Ohio you can watch 2 hours of wrestling every night from 5-7pm and every Wednesday 9-11.  See the schedule on this web site for events.  Of course, watching wrestling on TV does not have same impact as an in-person experience but it is second best.  Third best is you can watch the shows on YouTube MATSIDE TV channel starting in 2016.

Watch Wrestling on Video Media as DVD
There are event video you can purchase but the outlets are quite limited.
Our offering of archives provide most coverage of any outlet we have found. . This is a unique opportunity and at a reasonable price that provides unlimited ideas to present wrestling on DVD. For example, your local library could purchase a set for the community to share. That is the middle school wrestlers, the kids wrestlers, and the college wrestlers. And your high school/college athletic booster club could donate a set of DVD wrestling on TV events to the school library for student check out. Then this added resource can be taken even further. The school wrestling coach could take this same set of wrestling DVDs and develop his own video assignments by indexing sets of moves for advance viewing prior to the week planned work outs. For example, all single leg attacks would be indexed using the index feature of DVDs. He would simply make his own set of DVDS by copying the Matside TV shows from the school or local library and then indexing the DVDs per move, per situation, per defense, etc. The learning PPP might be the preview of the special made weekly DVD to team as a group or in an agrressive program given to each member a copy of the coaches DVD for the week, the practice of the standard daily workouts, and then the performance could be a written exam using the DVD given to each member of the team. Just one idea of using Matside DVD events as source for teaching aid.
Make Watching Your Sport A Strategy
Should the 'Watch Your Sport' be as much a part of your strategy as is your conditioning, weight control, technique, and mat experience? There are ways to create such a tactic for those who choose this strategy. There are many colleges in Ohio with wrestling teams to visit. Suggest your school athletic boosters club build a library of DVD wrestling events within your school library.
The lead announcer and producer of the show is Bob Dieli who is known throughout the world's wrestling community and is especially followed by the local high school and OSU teams, both past and present. Bob was inducted into the 1987 Ohio Wrestling Hall of Fame for his 42 years involvement in wrestling. Bob has trained over 30 State High School Champions, over 10 collegiate All-Americans and eight Senior National AAU champions. He was member of 1980 USA staff who won the World team title. He has attended 4 Olympics, 6 World Games and 13 World Cup Games. He was the founder of the Ohio Wrestling Club, which participated in national championships from 72-77, finishing 3rd or above in all but one of those years. He has several books published. And of course, Bob has produced hundreds of TV wrestling shows over the years.   And there has been tens of guest announcers at his side.
ANNOUNCERS (2013-present)
The lead announcer  is Ryan Mitchel, voice of Columbus Clippers Baseball, wrestling coach, OHSAA football and wrestling announcer,  pre-game radio of Ohio State Football.   Matside has guest announcers from time to time whenever Ryan Mitchel is not available.

All high schools in Central Ohio have wrestling teams with many having associated little league and middle school wrestling programs. We hope these kids, their families, and past wrestlers will be able to follow their sport as they have in past 15 years on local cable television. Please forward this site to all your wrestling fans so they can once again start watching their sport on TV.

Send all comments and suggestions -

Purchase Archive Via This eShop Web Stie
For 20 years now Bob and Cliff have purchased the equipment and tapes and gave their time towards this project. We would like to supplement our personal donated funding source. And we would like to share our large library of shows. We can do both with the offering of our past shows via this web site. Review the archives available as seen on the left menu section.
Search Function of Web Site Will Provide a List of Shows With Particular Wrestler
Also, note you can search for a last name of wrestler of interest and locate all the shows currently available where the wrestler was seen on TV and now can be seen by you with your purchase of DVD.

The video e-shop remains work in progress. Eventually the e-shop archive will contain all the productions since 1988  but that will take some time to accomplish - lots of film to catalog on the e-shop. Send email to request a past show not yet cataloged or an up coming show you do not want to wait to record at the scheduled date from your TV.








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Wrestling Technique of Gene Mill by Bob Dieli
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1982 Gene
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1982 Gene Mill's
Art.Nr.: 8201
Wrestling Technique of Gene Mill by Bob Dieli
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